SEMrush Analytic Tool For Your Good Website Lead

Reason To Love SEMrush Analytic Tool

In my previous post with title “SEO Tool To Optimize Your Website” I discussed about the Ahrefs Analytic Tool. There are number of tools which comes in SEO Analysis purpose. Today’s I am going discuss on another analytic tool known as SEMrush.

Being a SEO Expert is a really a honorable designation and he/she have sharp eye on every area of the project. An SEO expert not only formulate strategies for the project and execute them but also track different data using different tool and technique. For generating good leads they work on proper keyword analysis, the right audience, the competitors strategies and lots more. In current scenario number of tools available to get all these information and more for good the lead. Among those today I will discuss on SEMrush Analytic Tool.


SEMrush is an analytic tool which mainly works online and involve in number of important SEO activity such providing different Report, Tool to find best keyword, Global Campaigns for Projects.

Few SEMrush Option which tends me to use it are :

1. Quick Overview Of Website Performance

Being a SEO expert you sure like to known who is your website perform and what your competitor do against you. By the use of SEMrush tool you will overview of complete website functioning such as traffic growth, ranking keyword, location from where keywords perform smoothly. You can get performance and other data of a period of time (few years back) by changing date range.

The part which I liked more: It do not put you on hold to see the result of your web site today. It provide real time data which is very important to any SEO Expert for monitoring ranking and creating effective startigies.

2. Provide You Option To Analyse Your Competitors

There are number of tools which involve to spy on competitors , and surely you have used some of them but I find it more accurate and easy to handle.

Analyze Best Keyword Of your competitor: As we all know content of every website is a king and the keyword is the queen. If any one don’t find the right keyword can not reach to exact audience which results in great loss. By its Competitive Intelligence tool you can find the high ranking SEO keyword. By SEMrush Organic Research data you can get detail about competitors organic content strategy.

Position Of Website On Search Engine: If you gained high position on Google, Bing or on other search engine is very typical and to maintain the ranking is more harder and need extra effort. By the help of SEMrush Position Changes Report you can perform this activity easily. You can track position of competitor and your own, you will come to where your organic search tactic is winning or have room for improvement. Keyword ranking finally leads to high conversion rate which is good for ROI. You can also get information which keyword helps a domain to be in top 20 ranking of Google and Bing and provide you suggestion to improve search term if required. You will get list of declined keyword if website ranks lower.

Let You Find New Organic Competitors: Being updated on ever-changing competitive landscape is really very crucial in natural search or in organic keyword optimization. By using SEMrush competitive Positioning Map you can easily and instantly know about your direct competitors. On the basis of natural traffic and number of organic keyword you will get information on web rivals’ and your weaknesses with strengths on web. With this SEMrush Organic Competitors Report list down those domain which create competition in Google and Bing to be in top 20. By getting information on competition level, domain common keyword and natural traffic per website, you will come to known where you are winning or need to fill up the gap.

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