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Now a days online marketing becomes one of the emerging sector and the people who are engage in it performing better. If anyone want to be his/her website in top 10 search result of the google (Leading and Renowned search engine) then he/she have to put number of effort. A common website owner surely faces lots of problem to keep the site under 10 of the search result. So, the expert involve deeply in this sector have developed number of tool to achieve goal easily. Now a day thousand of tools are available for different purpose and among those few are available completely as well as partially free and paid.

Today’s I am going to discuss on one of the Partial Free SEO Tool : Ahrefs

Ahrefs is one of the tool which involve in number of activity which help to rank website high. This one has largest database of the backlinks which can be used to conduct audits the related competitors link and to get best backlink. Some of the facilities available in Ahrefs are as bellow.

Site Explorer: Anyone of you use this option to check your website or URL backlink and to get there detail. It also help to know what websites link to the the defined URL or Website, the anchor they used and the strength of the backlink. If you come to know all these information, you will surely like to get details about the growth of backlink over time and its provide the details. By the use of all these information you can easily uncover number of data’s which matter a lot.

Positions Explorer: Bring out the keyword on which competitor are currently ranking on search engine. The precise ranking report let you known which pages are ranking are they organic or paid. If the pages or URL involve in ads generation, Positions Explorer reveled those paid keyword, copy of the ads it uses, the landing page where traffic being send.

Content Explorer: Put you all those best content which comes in your niche and working best such as most shared, backlinks and other. This one help to create effective content strategy to get your site rank high.

Position Tracker: If you really work hard on your site you must want to know the position of the keyword in different part of the world. You can get such details from this option. You appearance on mobile devices can also be tracked from here. You will also get weekly/monthly ranking report to easily track your progress. In short you will get accurate, real-time ranking data.

Crawl Report: As you put full effort and the site don’t ranks means there is some error which create obstacle in ranking website. To resolve such errors you can run Crawl Report of Ahref which provide you instantly identified issues which hurting the visibility of site in search engine. With this it provide you suggestion to fix them. With the help of this option you can get information on loading speed of each pages and if not can optimize them easily.

Ahrefs Alerts: It is mandatory to keep eyes on competitors activity and Ahref let you know. You will get e-mail notification whenever your competitors or you get a new backlink or loose them. You can explore where the backlinks are coming from.

For creating good backlinking it have live backlinks database which is also very much accurate. Each day Ahref crawl about five billion web pages. If we talk about its index size it is about twelve trillion which is full known. For effective result it works with about two hundread millions root domain and 2trillion URLs. Its efficiency can be understand by this way that it have 10 petabytes of storage and 5000 CPU cores.

Because of all these feature it have currently more than 600,000 users all over the world to rank there sites.

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