WebMeUp Backlink Checker Tool: Why To Use

Being an SEO expert you surely keep eyes on every side of your website like designing, content, tags, SEO strategies and other. If all the area are good and the site also ranks then maintaining its ranking is much more important and for this you have to analyses every data sharply. If you like to known which keyword ranks high you can use Google Analytic Tool, to know the best website overview you can go with Ahrefs and other.

If the site ranks well, number of factors are responsible such as proper keyword density, Meta tag, Title, Site Structure, Backlink and other. To check all these factors separately, right now we have different tools, some of them are provided by Google itself and other companies too. Right now I am focusing on a reliable backlink checker known as WebMeUp Backlink Tool.


WebMeUp Backlink Tool is one among those backlink checker tool which provide real time and reliable result. There are a bunch of tool which do not provide complete view of a websites backlink but WebMeUp is out of them. Each of the tool have there own database which varies only in size. Think that if the would be web base then what would be the percentage of accuracy. Sure it will be high in comparison to desktop application. Actually WebMeUp is a web base backlink checker tool having huge database after Ahrefs. Just after the launch of WebMeUp, SEO Spyglass announced their integration with it which seriously peaked my interest.

When WebMeUp launched with free backlink checker which begins to provide best result in backlink checking. Previous the Ahrefs and Majestic SEO perform well in backlink checking but after the launch of this new baby the ranking get changed. This fact can be understand by these data’s.

Ahrefs crawled– 85.8 billion URLs.
Majestic SEO crawled – 185.5 billion URLs.
WebMeUp crawled – 157.4 billion URLs.

According to the above mentioned data Majestic SEO is mile ahead then the Ahrefs and the new baby WebMeUP have taken stride. So, the crown of best backlink checker surely goes with Majestic SEO. It may be possible that these positions also get change in future.

Reasons – Why WebMeUp Perform Better

1. Deliver Huge Link: WebMeUp uses unique methodology which bring out huge number of links to those client who really need it : owners of growing sites. Its index is mainly for the owner of small sites not for the giants like Amazon or Ebay and other because they are already in top 10 among thousand search terms. It provide more link then the other backlink checkers and this is the point to proud.

2. Option To Provide Different Task: If the business of any client really based on high ranking and SEO it provide different feature.

  • You can get SEO-significant unique backlinks for all type of site.
  • It help you avoid those link which put your site at risk by evaluating there profile.
  • You can acquire best link of from competing sites and also download them easily.

If you care about getting more link everyday, you much care about not to get penalized by Penguin because of poor link quality. WebMeUp gives surety for the good quality link.

3. Provide Unique Link With SEO Impact: To save your time in analyzing link WebMeUp provide only those link which are unique and have SEO impact.

4. Have a fresh index: WebMeUp have fresh backlink database for all user and it also adds new link in every second and update database after every four weeks. In update this one removes dead links and provide only the fresh one. The crawling algorithm (BLEXBot Crawler) checks for more important and dynamic pages and for this recrawl and update link everyday. If you like to known about WebMeUp BLEXBot Crawler you can visit http://webmeup-crawler.com

5. Have affordable pricing plans: As all SEO expert know that Google becoming more choose regarding links everyday. And proving lots of link to SEOs and website owners for there research which turn it expensive. So, WebMeUp provide for link search and evaluation.

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